Creative Ideas for Decorating your Custom Lipstick Boxes

Creative Ideas for Decorating your Custom Lipstick Boxes
Creative Ideas for Decorating your Custom Lipstick Boxes

Lipsticks are commonly used by women, and they always want to buy good-quality products with creative and attractive packaging. Packaging not only gives a perfect look to your lipstick but also protects your lipstick from damages. In this way, custom lipstick boxes are preferred because customization can give the option to print and design the boxes according to the need or desire.

Role of Printing & Designing in Customization

Designing and creativity have the capability to change the ordinary look into an attractive look. In this way decoration should not be ignored, these both things work together and provide an eye-catching look to your products. It can bold your product and make your product compete with the competitors. In the same way, your packaging also needs designing and decoration to engage the customers through the packaging designs. Your design plays a very important role in making your new customers and satisfying your old customers. Additionally, lipstick packaging also needs a creative and attractive look to inspire the customer. Following are some ideas for decorating your custom lipstick boxes

Some Ideas For Decorating Your Custom Lipstick Boxes | 4yourblog

Use Laser Printing

Laser printing is an effective technique of printing, it provides a creative and perfect finishing design on the boxes. The laser printer can print designs in a short time. It can produce high-quality printing on the boxes that give your boxes an attractive look. In this way, the flexo method is used for printing on the packaging because this method prints with flexibility and faster than others. 

Go for Screen Printing

Screen printing gives a creative look to your custom lipstick boxes. This printing is print designs on the boxes through a fine material plate. It gives a quality look to your custom lipstick boxes. You can use this printing because it is durable than other printing on your boxes. Another benefit of screen printing is that you can print on many materials. 

Digital Printing for your Boxes

Digital printing is the new technology of printing, and new technologies are much better as compared to old-fashioned printing. This printing is the direct printing on your boxes. You can use different colors in this printing, and instead of using two to three machines for printing, it can perform many tasks. This can print a perfect design on your boxes. It gives your custom lipstick boxes a quality and attractive look because it has the ability to print colorful images or designs on the boxes. Digital printing is a time-saving print as well as cost-effective.

Try Hot Stamping 

In this, foil material is used for designing the boxes. This gives a bright look to your boxes and provides your custom printed lipstick boxes with an attractive look. You can also use these printings for printing your company’s name or logo on the boxes. Heated plates are used for printing on the customized boxes. It is less expensive and can also save time. 

Use Metalized Printing

Metalized printing is the best option for giving your lipstick boxes a metallic, attractive, and luxury look. This printing is the printing of foil and other metalized martial on the custom lipstick boxes. This printing also enhances safety and makes your product safe from damages. Most brands are using metalized printing to engage the customers through their luxury packaging, you can also choose this printing if you want to engage the traffic of the customer to your lipstick products. This printing can also provide a fresh look and keep it for a long time. 

Use Flocking

In flocking, this is printing of fabric materials on the boxes, this is a unique trick of designing. You can print a whole box or print designs on the boxes, it depends on your desire. You can also use flocking designs of lipstick color so customers will easily understand the color of the lipstick. Make your customer easily choose their desired color of lipstick. This will also make your printing three-dimensional. 

Try Embossing & Debossing

Embossing the process of pressing a selected part or design outward from the surface of the custom lipstick boxes and debossing is the reverse of embossing it by pressing the design inward. These both give a three-dimensional look to your custom lipstick boxes. This gives an attractive look to your boxes. You can also emboss or deboss your logo or company name on the custom lipstick boxes.

Different Coating

If you are decorating your boxes and do not use coating, then it will not increase the worth of your product. The coating can help you in making your product worthy because it can provide a new look along with the protective layer to your custom lipstick boxes. Following are some coatings that give different looks to your boxes. 

UV Coating: Uv printing is the coating of shiny paper on the printing that can give strength to custom lipstick boxes. Not only that, it reflects the light and UV rays and gives an eye-catching look to the customers. 

Matte Look: Matte coating gives a smooth look to your boxes and protects the boxes from damages as well as fingerprints or other scratches. It provides a luxury look to your boxes.

Glossy Look: Glossy coating provides your lipstick boxes an eye-catching look from far away because it provides a shiny look to your boxes. 

Lamination: Lamination is the simple coating plastic sheet that can protect your boxes from dust and keep it moisture-free. 

Think to Add Embellishment
Think to Add Embellishment

There are lots of decorative options that you can also use for your lipstick packaging. You can use different beats for decorating your lipstick boxes. There are also other options like you can also paste artificial flowers or ribbons to enhance the look of the custom lipstick boxes. This is the perfect option if you want to serve your lipsticks as gifts. 


There are a variety of styles and designs, choose those designs that can increase the worth of your lipstick products. In this way, many printing options have been discussed to choose the suitable printer for your custom lipstick boxes. You can place your order of custom lipstick boxes here.


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