Why Java is Still So Popular

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It sounds crazy to hear about a programming language that is launched 3 decades ago and is still so popular, yes I’m talking about Java. Since the inception of Java, it has remained one of the most famous programming languages and has enjoyed the status of being the most used programming languages globally. Because of the benefits, it offers to developers, it is still in demand. In this article, we will be discussing companies that offer Java software development services and why Java is still so popular.

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Critical Benefits of Using Java:

The “Write Once and Run Anywhere” principle works perfectly fine in Java as the code written in the Java system can be used on multiple platforms and devices without having to change much in it. When it comes to functionality and security environment, Java makes it top of the list as compared to other languages. Moreover, the language is object-orientated, is platform-independent, and has multi-lingual support. Most importantly, Java has a very large and strong community to support, web banking, and Fintech apps usually get developed using Java mobile application development.

Following are a Few Critical Benefits of Using Java Software Development:

  • Concurrency: Java is a multithreaded language. It runs and executes multi-tasks concurrently, hence the process is also called concurrency. These tasks are named threads and they work separately and every task is being observed until the task finishes. Concurrency offers advantages such as efficient use of hardware resources, quick response times, increased performance, and low operating costs in Java apps.
  • Scalability: The scalability Java offers is regarded as the best in the world of software. Java components are widely available and hence they make it easier for developers to scale apps both horizontally and vertically. Also, the scalability process consumes less time and effort because of the availability of Java components.
  • Memory Management: Tackling the issue of memory management is often a problem that is encountered by developers. The great performance and usability of apps are completely important. But when it comes to creating Java applications, it is easier to control the memory as Java automatically handles memory and waste collection. In a ‘heap’ the Java-objects are saved. A heap is created when the web app begins and can grow or decrease in size during app execution. The waste is stored and automatically disposed of as the heap rises. There is also room to join new items. This optimizes and makes the apps highly effective. The risk of crashing apps often diminishes and in case of a weak scenario, you can quickly locate the memory leak.
  • Cross-Platform Support: What makes Java so compact is it allows cross-platform development without having to change much in the code. For instance, a code can be reused for different platforms such as Windows/MAC/Android/iOS and other devices with minimal changes using java app development. This saves a lot of time and effort and allows developers to free themselves from the headache of writing multiple codes for different platforms. This is one of the best advantages of the Java language.
  • High-end Security: One feature that I like the most is Java provides high-end security at all levels. It provides strong safeguards to protect applications from viruses, malware, and hacker attacks. It has built-in security features like sandbox environment, cryptography, exception handling, etc. for access control, authentication, and preventing the threat of system crash. That means, building protected and powerful applications have been made possible using Java.

Companies that Provide Java Software Development Services:

Having discussed the benefits java offer, many companies like building mobile applications on Java. Only in the United States, there are more than ten thousand software development companies that are providing Java development services. But, how would you decide which company to choose for building Java applications for your business? I have made a list of few features that a business should look at before employing a company for Java software development services, here it is:

Extensive Research: It has been observed that many software development projects fail due to the lacking of basic competencies. That is why it is better to go for a company that has an extensive research background/culture before hiring.

Project Management: For a software development project to be a hit, project management must be at par because it is involved in every project stage. It has been seen that companies with better project management win more projects and client satisfaction than the companies that run blank when it comes to project management.

Particular Expertise: While researching which software house to hire, don’t forget to check their particular expertise in the industry your business falls in.

Important Takeaways and Conclusion:

In this article, I have discussed why Java is still popular by discussing some of its benefits. Java is also labeled as the “king” of programming languages. Apps that are made on Java are normally user-friendly and powerful. If you are looking to get mobile apps developed using Java, this article is for you. SoftCircles is a leading Java software development services provider offering cutting-edge applications to global clients. Our clients range from sectors including but not limited to transportation, healthcare, education, water, and hospitality. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we practice strict work ethics to ensure this.


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