What is a Restaurant Hood and How it Works?

Why is the Restaurant Hood Cleaning Necessary

The restaurant hood is an essential part of any restaurant. Hoods are safety equipment for a restaurant kitchen. They are present over stoves, fryers, broilers, and grills, etc. They let the steam out, remove heat and greasy vapors.

If the airflow is working properly, these hoods help reduce odors and improve the air quality of your kitchen.

Most Restaurant Hoods Contain Four Primary Parts:

  • Filters
  • Fans
  • Grease traps
  • Ductwork

A large number of restaurants are operating in chesterfield Washington and surrounding busy areas. The reason for all these restaurants operating in the area is the population. Washington dc is one of the most populated areas in the USA.

These restaurants need regular cleaning and besides outdoor and indoor cleaning, the most important area in a restaurant that needs to be regularly cleaned, is the restaurant hood.

A study says that over 60% of the fires in the restaurants are caused by cooking equipment. The fire accidents are caused due to the hidden buildup of grease and dirt in the hoods of the stoves. Due to frequent use, grease builds up in the cooking equipment and in an uncertain event, catches fire.

The equipment which has grease buildup is very prone to catching fire. This is a reason enough to get your restaurant hoods cleaned regularly.

Why is the Restaurant Hood Cleaning Necessary?

Restaurant hoods filter the dirty air. The greasy vapors pass through it and if it is not cleaned regularly, grease and dirt accumulate in it which is very unhealthy for the environment of the restaurant. Besides being unhealthy, the accumulated grease or dirty kitchen hoods are also a safety hazard and can cause a fire in the restaurant.

They can also cost you fines and closure of the restaurant ordered by higher authorities.

Benefits of Restaurant Hood Cleaning:

Although restaurant hood cleaning is necessary regardless of how many benefits it has but here are some benefits of restaurant hood cleaning in chesterfield Washington DC

Improves the Air Quality of the Restaurant:

If the restaurant kitchen hood is dirty and greasy it negatively impacts the air quality of the restaurant. The air doesn’t just stay in the kitchen but also reaches the customer dining area and if the air smells of grease and feels smelly, your costumers are not going to love that environment. A clean kitchen hood filters the air more effectively than a greasy one.

Air Filters
Improves the Airflow in the Kitchen:

The buildup of the grease and dirt in the kitchen hood makes the air unhealthy. When the kitchen hood is dirty and accumulated with grease, it hinders the airflow and hence a clean hood is very important to help you improve the airflow in your restaurant kitchen.

Provides Safe Working Space:

A clean kitchen hood ensures a safe working space for your employees, unlike a greasy hood which is at high risk of catching fire. When you are able to provide a safe working space for your employees, it helps build trust with the employees.

Safe Working Space

Increases the Kitchen’s Overall Hygiene:

Cleaning your kitchen hoods regularly helps improve your kitchen’s overall hygiene and safety. It also ensures food hygiene for the costumers.

Saves Money:

If you do not take care of the proper cleaning of your kitchen hood, it can cause you alot of money in the long run. How? When your kitchen hood is not regularly cleaned, grease accumulated to such an extend which becomes nearly impossible to clean and it eventually hinders the working of your hood. This can cause you the money for a new exhaust duct.

Makes Less Noise:

If your kitchen hood is making noise and your costumers start to complain about it, it’s time you get it cleaned. The noise in the kitchen hoods is usually due to the dirt and grease accumulated in the hood. When you get it cleaned by professional kitchen hood cleaners in Washington DC, it reduces the noise to a large extend.

Reduces Risks of Fires:
Reduces Risks of Fires

Last but not the least, a clean kitchen hood definitely reduces the risks of fire in the kitchen.

How often do You Need Restaurant Hood Cleaning?

The national fire protection association in the United States of America has given strict rules and regulations and given out a recommended plan on how often you need to get your kitchen hoods cleaned if you own a restaurant. The violation of laws can get you in serious trouble and consequences:

Monthly Hood Cleaning:

The national fire protection association recommends that the restaurants that use solid fuel such as coal or wood should clean their restaurant hood at least once in a month I order to avoid any fire accidents in the restaurant.

Quarterly Hood Cleaning:

The restaurants with the high cooking activity that do not use solid fuel, are required to clean their hoods quarterly by the NFPA.

Semi-annual Restaurant Hood Cleaning:

The cooking places operating on a low level are only required t clean their hoods once every six months.

Annual Restaurant Hood Cleaning:

The very low-volume kitchens are required to clean the hoods once in a year.

How to Get the Kitchen Hood Cleaned?

Now you know that cleaning your hood is essential but the important question is how you do it? Can you clean your restaurant hood yourself? Certainly not! It is nearly impossible to clean the restaurant hood yourself when you are a restaurant owner and not a professional kitchen hood cleaner.

Many cleaning companies are operating in chesterfield Washington which offers professional kitchen hood cleaning. One of the most reliable and experienced companies is spic and span hood cleaning. They specialize in kitchen hood cleaning and their service is trustworthy. They have experienced staff that is essentially trained to clean your kitchen hoods using the right equipment.

Now don’t wait for your hood to get accumulated with grease. Clean it when it needs to be cleaned! It can save you alot of trouble and money in the long run.

How Many Benefits of Kitchen Hood Cleaning?

There are many benefits of kitchen hood cleaning like read more

Are Monthly Contractors Available for Kitchen Hood Cleaning?

Yes Spic and Span Hood Cleaning providing different packages for that. For further information contact them: 586-563-5160


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